History of Lynching

in Virginia


Past Statewide Programming
Recent programming hosted by organizations around the state related to Virginia's lynching history 

Loudoun County (March 14, 2019): Community dialogue to discuss the placement of historical markers at the sites of the lynchings of Page Wallace, Orion Anderson, and Charles Craven in Loudoun County.

Charles City County (April 7, 2019): Unveiling of Virginia Department of Historic Resources historic marker dedicated to Isaac Brandon, who was lynched on April 6, 1892. This was the first Virginia historic marker to mark the site of a lynching.

Loudoun County (June 19, 2019): Dedication of memorial to Orion Anderson, who was lynched in Loudoun County in 1889 at age 14. This is the first of three memorials to be installed in Loudoun (memorials to Page Wallace and Charles Craven to be installed).

Albemarle County (July 11, 2019): Unveiling of a historic marker dedicated to John Henry James, who was lynched on July 11, 1898, in Charlottesville. This event was part of the Equal Justice Initiative's Community Remembrance Project.

Harrisonburg (September 16, 2019): Town hall and public meeting of the History of Lynching in Virginia Work Group, held in Memorial Hall at James Madison University (program page).

Harrisonburg (September 26, 2020): Virtual unveiling ceremony for the historical marker for Charlotte Harris in Harrisonburg (press statement | watch online)